Window profile for insulation with collar 9mm / LKV-143.24T_2.4

Window reveal profile CATNIC 3170 - SGL with a protective lamella and fibre glass reinforcement mesh for expansion jointing of the window or door frame with plaster/render in the contact insulation system – ETICS


  • UV-stable, alkali-proof hPVC, fibre glass reinforcement mesh Vertex R 117 ETAG 004, double self-adhesive expansion PE tape with closed pores


  • creates expansion jointing between the contact insulation system and the window or door frame
  • prevents the final coating from flaking off the window or door frame
  • protects window or door frames and panels against mechanical damage or getting dirty during the application of building adhe-sive or rendering
  • prevents hairline cracking
  • prevents penetration of cold and noise
  • no additional sealing of joints is required
  • suitable for narrower window or door frames
  • suitable also for coloured frames – the whole profile is hidden in plaster/render
  • protective lamella made of softened PVC protects the expansion tape against weather effects and dirt deposition
  • creates an aesthetically perfect finish

Installation tips

  • first remove the protective foil from the frame and clean the residual adhesive and grease
  • using special shears for cutting profiles, shorten the profile to the required length, remove the covering foil from the foam expansion tape and stick it onto the frame closely to the insulating material
  • always stick the CATNIC trimming window profile to the window or door frame after applying the insulating material onto the jamb
  • then apply building adhesive on the applied insulating material and press the profile reinforcement mesh in it
  • wipe off the adhesive that has been pressed out over the mesh and level with a metal float
  • coat the entire profile mesh gradually into the building adhesive
  • the inner corners of jambs must be reinforced by inserting a reinforcement mesh strip corresponding to the jamb width
  • it is useful to shape the mesh to the right angle in advance
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