Logu pielaiduma profils 9mm (bez sieta) / MAT-A/02_2.4

Triming window profile provides a perfect finishing and connection of plaster with window frames and elimination of humidity, pollution, microorganisms, etc


  • PVC


  • elimination of season cracking between window frame and plaster by using PE foam tape, especially in plastics windows
  • protects windows against pollution, scratching during finishing works
  • easy and fast manipulation of the protective sheet mounting onto profile adhesive part, easy removal of the sheet and the profile breaking-off part
  • simplified plaster setting - achieving an equal coating
  • insulation properties – thermal, sound
  • an accurate, perpendicular and straight ending of the plaster around window frame is achieved
  • permanent connection of plaster and window frame – elimination of humidity arising, pollution, microorganisms, fungi, etc.
  • simplified plaster setting– achievement of an equal coating

Installation tips

  • plaster thickness is given by the window profile size
  • using with both inner and outer plasters
  • for a firm connection, the base has to be dry, even, free of adhered pollution, dust and grease
  • breaking-off part should be partially cut upwards or downwards with scissors designated to the work with plastic profiles
  • to provide the profile proper function, the “U” groove must be filled with a basic plaster and facade render in whole of its width
  • the corner connection may be solved by cutting to a bevel or by using of the corner connecting
  • sealing with a silicon sealant is preferable
  • application temperature (the temperature of the window frame, window molding and surrounding) must not be lower than 5°C
  • installation work must be performed within the temperature range of +5°C to +30°C. At low temperatures and strong winds, there must becounted with a lower starting glairiness and a longer time for the reaction of the adhesive with the window frame
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